About Us

Two Tone Stone is a natural progression of a lifetime of involvement in the construction and composite industries. Our extensive experience in engineering, manufacturing, construction and chemical industries enables us to supply you with the most exquisite and impeccably engineered bathroom and kitchen sanitary ware…

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Materials and Colors

Our Signature Stone formulation was developed with great care and using the latest in technology we deliver superior quality sanitary ware. With an extensive range of colors, you are guaranteed to find a product to suite any design or style…

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Our products have been specifically engineered to not only be beautiful, but to be practical and to last a lifetime. We have implemented the highest of criteria to be met ensuring your product is strong, durable and easy to work with…

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Our products are proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in South Africa. We go out of our way to source only the best quality materials from local suppliers.
Our Signature Stone retains heat without distortion or cracking. We are so confident in our quality products, that we are willing to supply a lifetime warranty*.